Waiting for that other shoe

And when your girlfriend has a shoe fetish, there are a lot of shoes…. Okay. I didn’t mean that literally.

No, she DOES have a shoe fetish, there ARE a lot of shoes. But I’m done feeling like I should be waiting for that other shoe to drop, I’m done feeling like I’m waiting for her to reveal that thing about her that makes her less than that almost perfect I see her as right now. I know she’s not perfect, because no one is (she also has this thing for snakes and refuses to put regular things on her sandwiches, but that’s a different story), but I’m done feeling like I need to wait for the other shoe to drop.

Amanda is one of the most completely honest people I’ve ever met, she’s been completely up front about herself since BEFORE we started dating. And since, she’s answered any questions I’ve had, even when there isn’t the vocabulary that truly fits or fully explains everything. She still tries to make sure that I understand whatever it is we’re discussing. She doesn’t put on a front, she doesn’t try to make herself better than she is (well when we were first dating she might have, but that’s just dating, its just showing your best side – we’re beyond having to constantly be ‘on’ for each other now). She’s just her. She doesn’t try to be any one else. And I know I’ve said it before here, but who she is, is just pretty much perfect for me. Pretty much perfect to me. And I’ve decided that I’m okay with that. And if eventually that other shoe does drop, she’s amazing and everything else will most likely (I say most likely because an absolute might get me in trouble) balance out whatever was on that second shoe.

Last night we went to Naughti Gras, an erotic art show with exhibits at the Koken Art Factory which is in the building where Shameless Grounds (the coffee shop where Amanda works) is located. Since she works there, we got in for super cheap. It was cool for a while, but eventually it got so crowded that I was uncomfortable (probably over 3000 people in one building, it was a bit tight) and we left. But before we did, we met up with a couple of our friends, and they took our picture. Now marvel at how incredibly good looking we are!Image

We both decided to get dressed up, and we both dressed to the nines in what we thought would drive the other as absolutely crazy as possible.

I knew that she has a serious thing for a well tailored suit, but I didn’t know about her thing for pinstripes, it just so happened that I wore pinstriped dress pants with my tie and vest. And the effect that it had on her was fantastically delicious. ūüėČ

I never knew that I had a serious thing for a girl in a corset and skirt with lingerie…. but oh my dear gods yes. She rendered me speachless (as someone who makes a living based on my skills with words, this is a hard thing to do to me, wouldn’t you all agree?) and stammering, and giggly. I am not the kind of air headed girl who gets all speachless and stammer-y and giggly when I get turned on, but she reduced me to one.

We had dressed perfectly to maximize the effect our appearance had on the other one. And both of us only had a piece of the puzzle with which to work, we both managed to find the other ones blindly and they fit.

I told you, I’m done waiting for that other shoe to drop. If I can make her feel like I did last night without knowing exactly what would do it, and she can turn me into a giggling stammering speachless idiot with only part of the information needed for that task… We’re both pretty much perfect for the other one because intuitively we knew what our partner liked, and we liked pleasing her.

Late last night, we stayed up talking. No, you perverts, we really stayed up talking til 5am. There were a lot of things that needed to be said, and a lot of them were hard to say not only because of the subject matter, but because of the lack of proper vocabulary.

But, we managed to discuss potentially¬†volatile topics with a wide variety of areas that could have turned into fights, without having a fight. We stayed calm, both of us listened, both of us let the other one speak, and we managed to discuss some fairly deep and important topics without getting angry or yelling or getting upset… and we both marveled at this. Amanda more so than myself, she wasn’t raised with my parents who preached excellent communication skills. But once again, I just noticed how incredibly perfect we are for each other, we both see the value in honest, calm, and collected communication without fighting. We’ve both had our share of fighting, enough to last two lifetimes. Discussions and conversations, even about things that we don’t necessarily agree upon, don’t have to devolve into fights. They can stay those calm conversations.

And now she’s in the kitchen making me Eggs Benedict (my favorite breakfast), and she told me to stay in bed. Of course I am awake, but still, laying in bed while the girl you love makes your favorite breakfast? What could be more perfect than that?


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