I am more than memory, I am what might be, I am mystery


New Year- New Me:

So I got a new job at the beginning of this year. I’m the executive personal assistant to the owner of a local landscape lighting company. Its crazy, but its kind of fun.
I’m seeing this awesome new girl, Amanda. Don’t know what all to say about that yet other than she’s pretty great and I get to wear a lot of ties.
But I am starting to feel more and more like the person I know I should have been all along, like who I have been for the past almost 7 years was only a barest glimmer of who I am. I’m starting to feel more like ME!
Its amazing what kinds of things will happen for you when you’re encouraged to do what you want (within reason of course), to try new things, and you aren’t being constrained by someone else’s issues.


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