I have been given the opportunity to participate in a rock musical entitled ‘bare’ as their sound technician.  I started rehearsals on Sunday and we open on Thursday.

It has been six or more years since I have run a musical with more than one or two wireless mics. We have fifteen for ‘bare’. Needles to say it’s keeping me on my toes, or on a high stool without a back.

During last night’s dress rehearsal, I had two mics that would not work right at all. One of which I could get signal through the board and it all looked good on the board, but it wouldn’t come out through the main speakers at all. After changing the pack, the element (microphone), and even the channel on the board in which I had patched it, it still wasn’t working.  The other one, would only work sporadically and it didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason as to when it would work or wouldn’t.

And to make matters worse, the band’s monitor went out during act two and I have no idea why since I didn’t touch anything at all.  After rehearsal I tried to fix the monitor and only managed to electrocute myself a bit while messing with the connection to make sure it was seated properly.

So the director called the sound equipment rental guy, (he was in tech for another show in Illinois 2 hours away), so they came back at 1:30am to work on the equipment.  I was lucky enough to not have to be there, but I did leave a 2 page note detailing the issues and marked up the equipment that wasn’t working.  I was scared though that they would be calling me to clarify and figure out what’s wrong with my handwriting.

Got a text at 3am from the director, and they had gotten it all fixed and it sounds good.


The Millenium Falcon of Consoles


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